Link Building

Links are the primary signal to Google to help it determine where to rank the websites in its SERPS. And whilst link building has developed a bit of a unsavoury reputation in more recent times, it’s still very much still the case that those with quality, relevant links to their websites are the ones who will achieve the best positions on the search engine.We can do a full analysis of your backlink profile to ensure it is in a healthy state, and carry out the link building activity required to maximise your website’s potential.

The traditional name for Search Signals

With stories of high-profile website penalisations and Penguin attacks in the last couple of years, it’s fair to say that link building is met with a mixture of caution by many. Gone are the days where it was a case of building as many links as possible back to your website. Link building has evolved; it’s now about focusing on quality search signals that can be useful for a user, as well as the search engine.


The currency of Google

Despite this, Google’s algorithms have historically been built on the currency of links; in other words, they are the biggest signal to them that a website is worth ranking highly. And even with their Penguin update, which was designed to help them detect sites which were taking to unnatural practices for gaining links, it’s highly unlikely that they will stop relying on links as their predominant ranking factor any time in the near future.

Trusted votes to your site

The way we go about link building has changed, but the goal remains the same – we aim to create signals that are seen by Google as ‘trusted votes’. Every time a new link goes live, this should be seen as a relevant, qualified vote of confidence for your website. Whether it be a link from a blog post which uses your website as a point of reference to develop what they are talking about, or a citation link which helps local people find a service which you offer, we can build links which are as much a help to the user as they are to the search engine bots.