Man power Consultancy

SPK Technologies is a group of well known professional HR personnel with proven track record in recruiting the best of candidates for top most organizations across the country and outside. At SPK Technologies we provide our clients quality staffing solutions whereby we meet the buz word “right man for the right job”. Our guiding principle is growth through client satisfaction and in every assignment our team strives to exceed expectation. Our team at SPK-Technologies brings in the best international practices which results in giving each client the dream team who will work towards meeting organizational goals.

SPK-Technologies Means

✧ Quality
✧ Passion
✧ Integrity
✧ Confidentiality
✧ Transforming into SUCCESS….

manpower imges

How we operate

This is how we operate in finding your esteemed organization its perfect match

1.Identifying and understanding the client company with regard to their existing business activities, culture and plans.
2.Studying the given job profile in terms of its functions, specifications, compensation and environment.
3.Matching the criteria lay down by client with suitable profiles from our database.
4.Conduct preliminary screening of candidates via telephonic/ personal interviews before forwarding to the client.
5.SPK-Technologies would coordinate with client for organizing final interviews.
6.Upon final selection, client to inform SPK-Technologies the outcome of the process.
7.Finally, ensuring timely joining of the candidate along with employment letter.

Terms & Conditions

Upon execution of the agreement, all terms and conditions are applicable for a period of 12 months.
1.Any candidate sent by us and absorbed by the client within next 12 months, would be applicable for professional charges.
2.A copy of appointment letter to be furnished to us upon the final selection.
3.In case the candidate leaves the organization within 3 months from the date of joining, SPK-Technologies undertake to provide suitable replacement at no additional cost.
4.In case of absorbing the candidate for any other position other than the one referred, professional charges would still be applicable.

Professional Charges

Upon successful absorption of any candidate referred by SPK-Technologies, the following charges would be applicable for utilizing our services:

1. 8.33% of the annual CTC of the candidates with 0 – 4 years of experience
2. 10% of the annual CTC of candidates with more than 4 years experience.

At SPK-Technologies we have a large and carefully managed database covering profiles in domains

✧ IT & Non IT Operations.
✧ Engineering specializes in the areas of infrastructure.
✧ Pavement specialists, design engineers, in Road design
✧ Traffic design study experts for traffic management
✧ Design specialists, Railway engineers, in Bridges design
✧ Detailed engineering specialists in Ports & Harbors design
✧ Geotechnical experts
✧ Tunnel experts
✧ Container handing experts
✧ Material handling specialists for ports, dry dock ports
✧ Marketing & Sales.
✧ Finance & Accounting.
✧ Human Resource.
✧ Banking And Financial Sectors
✧ Medical Sector
✧ Hospitality Industry
✧ Construction Industry
✧ Power Plant Installation Maintenance Sector
✧ Electrical engineers
✧ Petrochemicals And Fertilizers Sectors

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