Test Consulting Services

Test Consulting Services by Spk Technologies

To smooth the progress of IT optimization, SPK Technologies Consulting framework acts as a catalyst to optimize IT costs, moderate testing challenges, improve testing process efficiency and diminish the overall cost.
Test Automation Services
In today’s challenging business environment, superior customer satisfaction, efficient service delivery and operational excellence are imperative for enterprises to stay competitive. These requirements also direct the attention at QA organizations, coercing them to accelerate the testing cycles while ensuring that defects are kept to a bare minimum. SPK technologies consulting-led Test Automation Services provide customers with focused Test Automation Solutions.

oprational benifits

SPK Value Proposition

Deliberate benefits

✧ Focus on meeting business needs
✧ Reduction in management overheads
✧ End-to-end testing ownership
✧ Overall improvement in end-user satisfaction

Operational benefits

✧ Superior quality at lower operational costs
✧ Lower resource- & team-cost achieved through effective utilization & sharing of resources
✧ Optimum usage of automation
✧ Unbiased and objective testing from the business users’ perspective
✧ Streamlined testing processes across multiple application streams as well as reuse of test artifacts
✧ Defect analysis and feedback to the development team for error reduction and

early error detection