Database Driven Website

If you have tried to delve into data driven web design you must have come across these two terms. Here is a brief breakdown of what each entails:

Enrich the user experience of your own website with our database driven website development and database integration services that strongly focuses on key design, support and functionality components in order to create a very “usable” experience. Our database driven websites aptly helps you in storing and presenting information as per your desire.

database driven website development

Dynamic Vs. Static Websites

Database Driven Development

If you have tried to delve into data driven web design you must have come across these two terms. Here is a brief breakdown of what each entails:

  • Static website: This website does not change every time the browser loads a page. If a user clicks a button, nothing changes on the layout and content of the page. The only changes occur when the user loads a new page or when the admin loads another page on the web browser. The content is stored on the web file system and it will always be presented in the same format.
  • Dynamic website: As the name implies, these pages change every time they are loaded without the webmaster having to make the changes. If a user clicks on an image or text, some changes are observed on the particular page. The fact that the content is stored outside the web file system makes it easier to manage and you can manipulate data quickly.

Database Driven Websites

Why Choose SPK Technologies For Your Database Driven Applicaiton Development Venture?

The custom eCommerce development from Brainvire ensures that your website is built with a sound business strategy and the latest cutting edge development technologies. Being a leading ecommerce development company Our ecommerce websites development solution delivers a comprehensive and effective e-business strategy, products and marketing, design and usability, technology and security to construct an interactive ecommerce website and a communicating store for every business.

Database Driven Websites are websites that provide abundant sophisticated, user friendly functionality. Database Driven Website helps you to fetch information from a Database that is connected by programming and displays that information into the web page each time it is loaded. In Database Driven Websites the entire information update is automatic and is done without manual effort.

Thus, in Database Driven Websites, with every change in the information stored in the database, the web page linked with it changes accordingly.

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“ SPK Technologies has helped us the best with redesigning our website. They not only reduced its loading time by implementing the right technology but also ensured that it is attractive and easy-to-use. They developed custom modules by understanding our needs effectively. Highly recommend them if you are looking for great output.“


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“ I assigned SPK Technologies to a redesigning job of my existing site. They left no loophole exposed in their redesigning work and created a fresh, eye-tempting design for my site. Really, the new design is very user-friendly and responsive as well! Looking forward to hire them again to design my next upcoming site.“


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